The New Circle reaches out to all those working with children and adolescents who are at risk across a range of environments, including the community, school, family, and peer group.

Our mission is to form a circle of practitioners in the various helping professions for the purpose of sharing and cross-pollination of practical knowledge about working with at-risk children and teens.

The articles in each issue of The New Circle are grouped into three departments:

  • Helping Professions, where we have articles addressing issues facing helping professionals such as social workers, educators, and counselors
  • Helping Interventions, where we have articles that discuss specific problems and particular interventions designed to solve those problems
  • Childhood Adversity, in which each article delves into one type of adverse childhood experience, such as sexual abuse, neglect, racial stress, and parental incarceration.

The New Circle’s goal is to be the go-to place for sharing practical knowledge and ideas about working with at-risk youths.

To learn more about The New Circle and why we decided to create this resource for those working with at-risk youth, please read the article Welcome to The New Circle by the editor-in-chief, Phil Rich.