Online First

As we move into our fourth issue of The New Circle, we are taking a new approach by posting new articles as they become available. By releasing articles prior to an entire magazine edition, we hope to bring you the most recent thinking of The New Circle’s feature editors.

For the upcoming issue and the series of articles within it, we will explore the theme of uncertainty in the lives of at-risk children and teens.

  • Teenagers, Digital Sexual Behavior, and the TEAMS Approach
    In this most recent and very timely article, Alex Rodrigues addresses how professionals can respond to adolescents exposed to online sexual behaviors using the TEAMS approach. TEAMS is an acronym that spells out the steps that can help professionals prevent over- as well as under-reacting to these often complicated behaviors. Rodrigues also offers helpful resources for professionals seeking to learn more.
  • Coping with Deep Uncertainty
    David Prescott explores both the uncertainty of the present times and what professionals can do for themselves and others. Even as the pandemic wanes in influence, answers are in short supply when it comes to at-risk children and teens. To this end, Prescott offer four areas where professionals can place their focus as we all move forward towards whatever the new normal might be.